Reno x Rude Doujinshi Scanlation

Posting a scanlation I just finished of the first story from the Reno x Rude anthology "Eternal". I thought it summed up the pairing perfectly and was wonderfully sweet and well written, so I wanted to share the Shinra-Love. I also added some colour scans from the book (4 in total, plus a silly one I photoshopped)


Title: Eternal (first story)
Circle: Syuri
Scanlation: Laurama
Pairing: Reno x Rude (Final Fantasy VII)
Warnings: Shonen-Ai implications, an awesome kitty

Please feel free to share this if you like with other communities/ online avenues. I know how hard this pairing is to find, so spread the love! There are a couple other stories and lovely colour pictures that I will scan, translate and post soon. Enjoy <3

L Photos

Hello there!

I just thought I'd share these. A couple of weeks before the L movie comes out there is going to be a photo book of L released in Japan. A literary magazine called Shosetsu Subaru just released 5 sample photos of Matsuyama Kenichi dressed up as L as a promotion.

I thought everyone would like to see them ^_^ I'm sorry they are not very good quality, I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, so they are photos of the magazine taken with my camera, but they are really lovely. Especially the one of L in the bath. Please enjoy! Cheers.

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